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Micro 64MB Module

Micro 64MB Module Features It is a microSD card that can store up to 64MB.

Regular price $2.00

3-Axis Accelerometer Module

3-Axis Accelerometer Features This module can measure acceleration in the X, Y, and Z axis directions.

Regular price $4.00

DC Motor Module

DC Motor Features This is a module that can easily operate a DC motor.

Regular price $4.00

MP3 Module

MP3 Module Features This module can play MP3.SD card must be purchased separately.

Regular price $4.00


Bluetooth Features This module is used for Bluetooth communication. It is a set of 2 as master/slave. Or you can buy only one slave.The baud rate is 38400.

$15.00 - $33.00

USB-C type Wire

USB-C type Wire Features This is the line used to connect the Withinno board to the computer.

Regular price $5.00

7.4V 800mA Lithium-Polyium Battery

7.4V 800mA Lithium-Polyium Battery Features This is a 7.4V battery used by the Withinno board.

Regular price $30.00

7.4V Lithium-Polyium Charger

7.4V Lithium-Polyium Charger Features This module is used to charge the 7.4V battery.

Regular price $20.00

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